magic on etsy…

i finally ventured into the world of selling my wares on etsy…with a makingpretty store.  i just dipped my toe in with some amazing vintage brooches and some handknit necklaces.  i’ve always been on the buying end of the etsy relationship and have always been thrilled with the interesting one -of-a-kind things you can gather, find, and collect in their vast and varied stores.  setting up my store felt a little like (what i imagine) setting up a profile on an online dating site feels like.  here’s a sampling of what i have listed currently…

come and see me on etsy!

xo, anne



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2 responses to “magic on etsy…

  1. my i just say that i own one of these magical pieces and every time i wear, people comment. every.single.time. more!more!

  2. your blog is total perfection! and your etsy page-wonderful. i am going to start saving for a making pretty necklace-stat!

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