i have been working diligently on the etsy store…taking some new product pictures and working on a new style that i’m super excited about.  a little glimpse below…imagine it smattered with bits of vintage brooches and such.

nimble fingers have been hard at work.

also, i broke down and got a twitter account.  and tweeted.  it. was. thrilling.  and possibly addictive.  that remains to be seen i suppose.  what could inspire such madness in a complete and utter clueless twitter virgin?  well, that crafty vixen of the domestic world, martha stewart, mentioned on her  show today that she was waiting for her two-millionth (??? that’s a LOT, martha!) follower and was giving away prizes.  i. love. prizes.  one of the prizes is a kitchenaid mixer.  that is the holy grail, friends.  so anywho…that’s what led me to the land of twitter.  and now i’m following not only martha but a motley crew of personalities and businesses.  very exciting things, indeed.

if you want to follow me on twitter, i would love that.  this is mine (not sure what the correct term is): http://twitter.com/imakepretty

xo, anne



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3 responses to “ohboy.

  1. anne. seriously…i fancy myself pretty cheeky/hilarious…but you take the cake. pretty friend. take.the.effing.cake.

  2. ah, that would be tonight (my mind just broke into song, which, thankfully, you are spared from– especially because it’s from westsidestory). on the martha note, i do believe we should borrow from the sassy crumudgeon and alexis stewart and put “whatever, martha” into our already hilarious and amazing (obvi) vocab. i.e. perhaps only we will find magical. but who.f*ing.cares.

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