one ticket to mykonos, please.

so…i love fleet foxes.  love, love, love them.  i finally watched their video for ‘mykonos’…months after my sister, paige (kevin.) mentioned how amazing it was.  i am kicking myself for not watching it sooner, because it is so innovative and i want to play in the video.  maybe take a vacation in it.

i felt the same way after i finally saw ‘kittens inspired by kittens’.  paige had posted it on my facebook wall maybe a year ago…and i never watched it.  i am a bad neglectful sister for doing so.  i saw that GEM on christmas eve at my aunt and uncle’s house after our family secret santa.  paige, myself, and my cousins julie and caroline watched it together.  tears were shed.  loud appreciative moans/laughs were produced.  i can’t think of any better way to prep for christmas.  i now know to trust paige’s judgement in youtube videos.  love you, kev.

xo, anne


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  1. that video is beautiful and i love the song. i think i just fell in love a little.

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