twist my arm a little.

let me begin by asserting my excitement that IT’S FRIIIIIIDAY!  even when not in a formal 9-5 work setting, the close of the work week incites such a thrill in me.  that and i began my lovely, sunny, beautiful friday morning with coffee around the corner with my fantastic friend, caitlin.  so here i sit with a steaming hot cafe au lait and the first song to come on pandora was department of eagles’ ‘no one does it’…a FABULOUS beginning to a even better weekend (i hope).

on to the topic at hand (or wrist, or neck).  anyone who knows me or happens to see me wandering the streets knows that i have a certain propensity towards heaping accessories on myself.  this presents a challenge whenever i fly because my anxiety reaches an uncomfortable threshold when i feel under-dressed.  and walking the long carpeted halls of airport terminals without wristfuls of bangles and a neckful of large jewel encrusted necklaces realllly pushes my buttons.  but, i digress.  i have been collecting these fabulous vintage brooches for the etsy store and i thought they would be selling like HOTCAKES!  however, they are moving more slowly than i anticipated…so i suppose i just have to add them to my roundup.  i added them to one of my all-time favorite dresses (a sample left from my days at mariemarie. sad face.) with some chunky rhinestone necklaces and a heaping wristful of bangles.

oh, hi.

wrist armor.

xo, anne


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  1. bo

    wow, thats our baby !!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful pix !!!!!!!!!

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