get thee to the cooper-hewitt.

fall 2010. thank you,

ok, so it must be said that i love rodarte.  they are so talented.  they are sisters.  and they do fashion on their own terms (in pasadena, not a “fashion” city).   their creative process, handling of materials, everything about them inspires me.

gorgeousness, courtesy of


so it is KILLING me that i am missing their show at the cooper-hewitt museum.  the lovelies at refinery29 even managed to make it more excruciating with their description of just how fabulous it is. not only that but it is a fleeting installation…over on march 14th.  so all of my new york friends, do me a favor and see it in all its glory.  while i scheme on how to get myself there in time…

xo, anne



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2 responses to “get thee to the cooper-hewitt.

  1. um, i’m kind of dying. love.
    you, me, the white jeep and we’re there. screw work.

  2. Jboogy

    Love rodarte. Love you. Thought of you while slaving at D A and coterie. Hope you are well. Hope to see you soon. Miss you like the deserts miss the rain. Xxoo

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