oh, so happy to be here.

what a fantastic weekend that was.  i took a stroll downtown on friday and for the first time in far too long was dressed too warmly (loooooooove that) and popped into a few of my favorite stores to window shop.  dangerous business for a girl like myself.  but i managed to escape without damaging my bank account and in possession of the perfect pick-me-up.  thank you marc jacobs+maripol!  i got a little sun in on the front steps of our apartment on friday and read a bit of norwegian wood (which i stayed up feverishly reading and finished late last night…amazing).

beautiful start to the weekend

friday night caitlin came over and we chatted over a glass of wine…i found the most incredible shiraz at the grocery store on sale for $5 a bottle!  yes, please.  then we headed to pinkie master’s to meet up with the incredible becca and had a few drinks and managed to fit in a little bit of a photo shoot.  how could we not?


evan met up with us and generously offered his vehicle and driving skills for not only rides home but a little more photo action.  he also went as far as to allow me to blare la gaga as audio inspiration…what a guy.

little monsters?

check out the new ring in action!  it was a fantastic low key night…capped off by a mandatory shower.  i seem to have forgotten that smoking is allowed in bars here in savannah.  that is a testament to how infrequently i go out these days.

we slept blissfully late on saturday and then packed up and headed out to tybee island.  the weather was INCREDIBLE.  we ventured down to the beach and it was absolutely thrilling to be walking on the beach without a coat or scarf.  as we walked we realized that we had met three years ago this weekend (our meet-aversary?) .  caitlin ventured out to meet up with us for a dinner of cheeseburgers and veggies.  dessert was supposed to be cookies but i managed to forget about them in the oven so they resembled the charcoal briquets we grilled with more than dessert. frost/nixon was on hbo so we watched that (finally) and headed back down to the beach for a little more salty air.

sunday was spent making the grocery list while evan worked on his boat.  he came in and i caught the scent of suntan lotion and sweat and it was a fantastic hint of spring.  before we headed back downtown we took another stroll on the beach and i managed to remember my camera this time…

more of this, please.

i ended the weekend with coffee with my all-time favorite professor…perfect way to draw to a close a sun-dappled and lovely couple of days.

xo, anne


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  1. nighttiming baby! i really didn’t want it to end. like, ever.

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