lovely day.

care for a muffin?

what a fantastic day it is…we’re having another gorgeous day of sun and warmth.  so i kicked it off with an iced coffee and an orange while i baked a batch of bran-apple muffins.

i got together paige’s makingpretty etsy order…and said a farewell to the brooches she and my mom picked out.

farewell, lovelies.

the two of them have fabulous taste – they ordered my faves.  at least i got to parade around savannah in them this weekend.  i bubble-wrapped the beauties and sent them off (after a trying experience at my post office).  once again i was over-layered for this fabulous weather but i didn’t mind in the least.  i am amazed at how savannah still manages to charm me anew after all these years.

happy flowers found on a walk

square and steeple.

it is such an effort to remain productive when the sun beckons.  i flung open the one window that isn’t painted shut (ah, the joys of a home from 1870) and left the back door open all afternoon…secretly hoping that the adorable squirrels that play in our back patio would sneak in.

back to work!

xo, anne


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  1. oh yeah? well, i was hungover at an elementary school career fair.

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