vintage. fur. perfection.


it’s been a slow afternoon for me.  mainly because i tottered out of the house this morning for a meeting in what i believed were tame and do-able heels.  alas, i am old lady and may need to seriously consider collagen injections in the balls of my feet if i ever intend to wear heels again (i do, i hope!).  i’ve been willing my feet to recover because i have loads of scavenging i intend to do before i leave on saturday…but in the meantime have been working in earnest on catching up on my mad men (i’m injured!).  i’m still on season one, so i have quite a bit of viewing time ahead of me.  i’ve also been perusing my favorite blogs in search of inspiration and prettiness.  found! thankyouverymuch oncewed! although it’s technically a wedding blog (which i love wholeheartedly) it is filled with some absolutely gorgeous images.  like this shoot of a city hall wedding by heather waraksa.

i love the lighting…the softness and the vintage-y quality to the images.  as well as the bride’s look.  so unfussy, and decidedly un-wedding.

and really, i was done for with the vintage fur coats.  loves.

please send some positive energy towards the full and speedy recovery of my battered and abused feet.  i’m seeing becca tomorrow and can’t bear to do so in flats.

xo, anne

p.s. all images are courtesy of the talented heather waraksa, check her out.


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