in preparation for takeoff

broke out the pattern paper!

i am pretty bad about preparing to travel.  i find all sorts of excuses and obscure projects that need taking care of before my departure.  rather than doing useful things like packing thoughtfully (and narrowing down what i’ll be taking) and cleaning…things that make traveling easier and cheaper.  i love coming home to a clean apartment and have paid overage fees for my luggage too many times.  this trip my distraction was a new laptop case.  i just can’t get into the tech-y and/or boring laptop bags that are on the market.  so, i made myself one.

in progress.

i used some happy yellow fabric that had been waiting for such a project and lined it with an uber-soft pillowcase from a set of sheets that has been too thoroughly loved and thusly dedicated to such endeavors.

happily ensconced

i had previously been using the dust bags from various purses to house my magical computer…but i figured she deserved an upgrade.  the whole project took me just under an hour and i’m thrilled with the outcome of my minimal efforts.


and i’m done…save for two snaps i’ll sew on to keep the clutch closed.  now i suppose i’ll tackle packing.

xo, anne


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  1. amazing! i so admire this because it is something i could never do. you are simply. wonderful!

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