jingle janglin’

i recently decided to re-introduce a few silver bracelets that have been out of commission for a number of years…the ubiquitous tiffany’s silver charm bracelet.  i had received the heart and the round ‘return to tiffany’s’ charm bracelets as gifts when i was in high school (i am still flabbergasted that i am quickly approaching my ten year high school reunion…the horror).  and wore them religiously until my late college years.  many apologies to any and all of my roommates who likely lost lots of sleep while i jingled and jangled unaware of the noise i left in my wake.  for the past five years these bracelets have lain dormant and tarnished in my jewelry box.

tarnished and unworn


but i started to feel that it was unfair for me to sentence them to bracelet jail…it’s not their fault that millions of girls love them as much as i did.  besides, they are much less status-y and precious when mixed with chunky brass and gold bangles.  so i brushed them with a light coat of silver polish to remove some (but not all) of the tarnish…and added them to my standard roster of wristwear.

the dailies.

the resulting mash-up is ultra-jingly and jangly.  and i love it.  i didn’t realize how much i missed the noisiness that these bracelets produced.  and i’m welcoming it back with open arms.

the new roster.

xo, anne


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