to go home.

so…original travel plans got shifted due to the inordinate amount of snow dumped upon ny/nj.  which was slightly to moderately devastating to yours truly.  but…new travel dates allow for more quality time at home, so it worked out. thank you, new flexible schedule!  in order to get myself pumped about packing and cleaning i have put together a photo montage. (i was also going to post the video of the pointer sisters’ ‘i”m so excited’ but the sexual overtones were quite inappropriate for a post about visiting my family…so hum the tune in your head as i am doing if you are so inclined).

yes, matching footie pj's. hopefully gunter brought his from belgium.

magical parents.

ketchup weenie that joined us at brunch.

ernie! and ookie! and macie!

completely and utterly fierce.

hello! crafty squirrel.

sorry, had to add another mustache shot.


kind of overcome with excitement.  hopefully i survive the deep freeze.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “to go home.

  1. Ketchup weenie is the sh*t! You KNOW he’s my favorite.
    Annie, is there a quick link from here to the store?
    xoxo from D-Brazilian!

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