eddie money said it best.

and the time has come.  i’m finally heading home tonight.  are you sick of hearing about it?  well, maybe a little eddie money will eradicate your boredom with my blathering about this trip.  again, the undertones of this song are maybe slightly off, but it’s just such a fantabulous ditty, i can’t resist.

on a side note, i once saw the great eddie money in concert.  i was in college and he had seen better days, but it.was.awesome.  i have pictures somewhere that document that i was at that time both platinum blond and not afraid to make friends with rockstars of yore.  unfortunately (perhaps it is more fortunate) i am unable to locate them. ah, the good old days.

now i just need to pack.  yikes.

continental – please deliver me safely (and in a timely manner) for a whole lot of good times.

xo, anne


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