champagne glasses, hankies, success!

love your shades, love your driving, love you.

thanks to my sistergirl, amazingface paige we have had some success.  i scored some adorable vintage hankies,


some fantastic vintage etched champagne vessels,

i want to drink from you.

and some beautiful vintage saucers, which i have yet to photograph.  i also saw some other great things on our adventure.

fab chainmail clutches.

vintage baking ephemera.

nice boots, kev.

aaaand i rocked some makingpretty vintage brooches.

spider, armchair, wreath of pearls.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “champagne glasses, hankies, success!

  1. um, this is not helping with my obsession of wanting to become a part of your family. anne. it’s becoming creepy. please stop with the magicalness. seriously…i’m concerned someone is going to report me. (well, until they see that i’m actually magical, too; and that it was all meant to be…see! this is why i’m not supposed to be by my computer at 1am with a half bottle of wine in my hotel room in, ah, milwaukee…).

  2. ummmm….we are accepting applications, but you come SO highly qualified that it’s unnecessary. you are welcome to be an official member. because i KNOWS you are one of us. loves.

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