this must be the place


ah, to be home.  there is just something so inherently cozy and amazing about coming home to my parent’s house.  a full house at that…gunter (pronounced HYOO-nter.  just in case you were wondering.  i’m all about correct pronunciation) arrived yesterday morning and i’ve finally settled in myself.  this is supposed to be a ‘working’ trip but all i’ve managed to do so far is sleep, chat, nosh, hit the elliptical, and secure an appointment for a massage this afternoon (i am so ready).  i’m ok with my lack of productivity thus far, i trust that a lot will get done in the next few days.  how can great things not get done when you’ve got these beauties on your side?


gunter is in the dress version, woodie in the crewneck.  magical sweaters by a belgian designer…will confirm the name later.  i am starting slow this morning with some coffee and internet in bed…not too shabby.

xo, anne


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  1. HYOO-nter

    it’s a design by my dear friend Carolin Lerch and her label is Pelican Avenue go check it out gurrrhl!

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