yenta in training.


last night began with the educational and cultural gem that is the above book.  highly recommended reading if you are yearning to channel your inner yenta (which i most certainly am).  i am working on integrating some new phrases into my daily vocab.  i then rounded up the troops for a little socialization…


we wandered to a couple of different places and had lots of laughs.  and got our choice of barstools.  because it was a tuesday.  we were bombarded by huge tv’s all over the place…why does every bar need ten tv’s dangling brightly above  it’s patrons?  we were served by a girl who was eerily similar to an early marisa tomei and who was trying to strong arm us into doing shots.  we didn’t take the bait but did take these:


and scene.

and just for further proof that this sort of behavior is genetically embedded in us?

working that gravel driveway.

and with that i’m off for more adventures.

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    your writing is very clever and witty and your pix tie everything together ! keep it going ! boe

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