alternately titled, ‘how to make anne obscenely happy’.

once upon a time (when i was roughly five years old) there was a girl (yes, me.) with a great many pretty things.  among those things was one item that reigned supreme: a pink leather purse studded profusely with rhinestones in every shape and color.  it.was.spectacular.perfection.  in order to protect this wondrous accessory i acted as i knew best.  i took to it with my newly honed skills of penmanship and scrawled ‘DO NOT TOUCH, PAIGE’.  wasn’t i a sweetheart?  little did i realize that my inability to share (i hadn’t yet joined the school of ‘sharing is caring’. obviously) would render this beaut garbage outside of dress-up.

fast forward twenty-some-odd years and see me two days ago ogling a happy little mint green clutch.  studded with all manner of glittering stones.  a little piece of my own personal heaven, here on earth.  after a little hinting that should anyone be in touch with the easter bunny (no, it’s not weird that i still get an easter basket, thankyouverymuch) i would really be thrilled to receive this glorious clutch…i returned from my frigid adventures yesterday to this:

hello, i love you.

my mom is an awesome lady.  she cut out the middleman (that’s you, easter bunny) and allowed me near-instant gratification.  happy happy feelings abound.  i do have to say, though that pictures can hardly do its sparkly, glittery copiousness justice.  i’m having a hard time finishing this post because i am spellbound by its magnificence. ♡.

xo, anne


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  1. i am a little head over heels over this post. i think i’m going to read it again. oh,
    um, more stories about a little magical girl named anne, sil vous plait.

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