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i have started a new daily ritual on this trip that is quite a good time.  blogging in bed with giant mug of coffee at hand. it feels a bit like yoga or meditating.  i’m thoroughly enjoying this change of pace as well as the excellent wireless my parents have…my computer works!  my apartment only receives internet in the ‘office’/’laundry room’/frigidly cold back room (that’s what you get for free).  so, this whole tucked under cozy down comforter, warm toes thing is great.great.great.

before i start my escapades today, i’ll share what went down yesterday…because i’m sure you’ve been waiting with baited breath.  no?  oh, well here i go anyway.  so there.

yesterday commenced with a bit of grogginess and fog from the previous night’s wine times.  which we shrugged off with some bagels.  it is actually im.poss.ible to get a good bagel in savannah, so i make it a mandatory event when i come home (best to be saved for the morning after you’ve imbibed a bit too much).  then woodie, gunter, and i went to my grandparent’s house for a little kibbitzing (told you i was brushing up on my yiddish!).  my grandparents may actually be the cutest people in the entire world universe.  my grandma is an accomplished artist of practically any medium available.  no lie.  right now she is crocheting the most amazing afghan:


her skills are vast and awe-inspiring.

after we left them, we picked up paige.  she had had a rough morning…on little sleep.  i will save the gory details.  the four of us got some sushi for lunch…


we then headed to asbury park and hit up a huge antique store.  they had some great stuff but nothing beckoned to me.  i really wanted to walk on the boardwalk by convention hall afterwards…and we did try.  but winter was not backing down and it was physically painful walking in the barrage of wind and sleet.  we got dinner at our favorite italian restaurant and when we got home i decided it was time to utilize our fabulous antique clawfoot tub.

patiently waiting.

this is one of my favorite spots in the whole house.  there is nothing like a hot bubble bath with a glass (or two) of wine and a good book.  to say i enjoyed it would be a huge understatement.

i stayed up late reading the sassy curmudgeon (thankyoubecca!), which segued into delving into the hilariousness of hyperbole and a half.  hysterical ladies.

in case you wanted a little dose of adorableness overload, check out who i’ve been bunking with:



xo, anne



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2 responses to “yesterday’s news

  1. bh

    u r a piece o work !!!!! love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lise

    did you ever think of writing as a career? So enjoyable. Love me

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