and i miss you.

ok, so i had to open this post with this picture of paige taken at age ADORABLE, doing a flip off of the diving board.   it’s one of my favorite pictures from our many salt-drenched and chlorine tinted summers at the beach club.  it was hard leaving my family this trip…maybe because it meant coming back to bills and taking care of myself but i think it just keeps getting harder and harder to be so far away from them.  however, it also has to do with just how much of a GOOD.TIME. they all are. that being said, there is no question that i am truly and wholeheartedly so happy to be back with evan.  in pretty savannah.  i have a few last images from my adventures in the frigid north.

kev's boots.

a nice shot of my one random foot (i was sitting cross-legged) with paige’s amazing beat up vintage boots.  they look like something pippi longstocking would have worn (that is a compliment).  did anyone else get inspired to clean floors while watching that movie?  this coming from one of the people least likely to ever derive pleasure from any type of housework/cleaning.  ok, moving along.

we had some elderflower cocktails…my favorite delightful, beautiful drink.  literally everything about st germain is so delicately pretty and enticing and dare i say, magical.  i won’t be so bold as to venture to tell its story, as they do a much better job expounding on the whole history and process.  but i will say that we thoroughly enjoyed a simple cocktail of st germain, dry champagne, club soda, and some gorgeous fresh raspberries.


in the most beautiful antique vessels plucked from my mom’s collection.

happy friends.

yesterday i packed up my haul of glittery magpie delights (and managed to keep my hulking suitcase under fifty pounds!).


i feel ready to get back to knitting and scouring and making pretties.  if i could just get the rest of my out-of-this-world family to migrate south i would be in HEAVEN.

xo, anne


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