looks just like the sun

so, i woke up this morning to a bright and spring-like sunny room (complete with random bird squawking incessantly).  which led me to perusing the terrific stock of shopbop for warm weather wares.  which is a testament to my wonderful imagination as i a) have no money to be spending at shopbop (or anywhere, more specifically) and b) i seem to have forgotten that the onslaught of spring / summer is nearing and have been slacking on my fitness prep for aforementioned event.  shoot.  oh, well.   i am having a very nice time in my imagination in this little sartorial gem:

want to be friends?

love to watch her go.

ok, so here’s the deal with this frock.  it’s exclusive to shopbop, who will ship it to you for free.  it’s rachel pally, so you know it’s going to be super-cozy jersey…and it’s under $250.  frankly, i want this dress and i want it bad.  but for any of you who have extra dollars and / or have been eschewing cookies / bread / solid food, etc…i say go forth and buy this dress (!!!).  i also feel that it would make a TO-DIE-FOR wedding dress for a beach-y summer wedding or modern good times courthouse ceremony.  ♡.  just throwing it out there.

xo, anne



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4 responses to “looks just like the sun

  1. ohmygod ohmygod…i want it so badly my hands are trembling. no becca! do.not.click.that.link.
    have i mentioned how much i adore your writing? you.are.amazing. and stop making me laugh out loud because it frightens christopher & our dogs– it’s that loud.

  2. Hi Anne! I ADORE this dress AND your blog! OXO

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