holy smokes


well, hello.  and a happy monday to you!  i’m a bit late in posting today…but i come bearing tacos!  forgive me?  i was quite the busy bee today and even found myself in possession of a motor vehicle!  i normally get around on my huffy or via the ye olde walking method…or by hitching a ride in evan’s car.  but this week i will be driving myself around town to dogsit for my friend, caitlin.  she’s a very busy (i accidentally typed busty, which coincidentally is also true) lady and is traveling for work and so i am in charge of her furry children.  i spent the afternoon with the dogs and got some sun while reading a little of my book.  then headed home and got some serious work done.  work that involved heavy multi-tasking : knitting, reading the dinner recipe (from this month’s food and wine – great issue, btw), and watching oprah’s oscars re-cap.  important stuff, people.  i managed to finish a few large flowers that i am thinking of making into large flower brooches:

big bloom

when i finished these beauts i tackled dinner : chipotle rubbed salmon tacos with apple and cucumber salsa.  aka yum.my.  i halved the recipe because it was just me and evan consuming them.  the other change i made is that i swapped out the mayo (i can’t even begin to expound on how wrong and gross this condiment is) for inoffensive sour cream and sprinkled a little cumin in.

we kept our tacos kosher.

i have to say that these tacos were fantastic.  like really.really.really.good.  the chipotle rub also has orange zest in it and somehow that and the granny smith apples in the salsa together are a very happy combo.  and they’re crunchy from the cabbage/apples/cucumbers.  and slightly smoky/spicy from the chipotle.  ok, so yeah.  i am giving them two thumbs up.  a definite re-make.


i think the only thing i will change the next time i make them is the tortilla…the recipe calls for soft corn tortillas warmed in the oven.  but this taco is on the juicy side from the salsa.   so maybe crisp the corn tortillas in on the stove before filling?  maybe a hard corn taco?  such important decisions.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “holy smokes

  1. ok. i’m done crying over the fact i was.not.invited. humph.

  2. Caitlin

    Those tacos look AMAZING! Thanks for taking such wonderful care of my furry little babies. They love visits with Aunt Anne! xo

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