i want to begin by making it noted that it is another beautiful day.  one that has allowed me to wear a dress without tights / leggings.  it has been MONTHS (unbearable and interminable, btw) since this has occurred.  what better way to greet this warm sunny weather than with pretty little shoes.  shoes that have been hibernating in my closet during the slushy, cold, shoe-demolishing winter.  today it was a shoe showdown between my hot pink satin maryjanes:


and my pale grey canvas skimmers with multi-colored jewels:

hi, sparkles.

the shoes have not been given the proper styling, but this is what happens when i am home alone and attempting to photograph my feet.

in case you couldn’t bear the suspense, i went with glitter.  happens (almost) every time.

fun fact: when i was little i was unsatisfied with the un-fabulousness of my name.  my proposed name-change?  sparklesglitters.  my mom is still thanking god that i didn’t end up a stripper.

xo, anne


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