the danger zone


in my intense quest this week to knit, assemble, photograph, and list a new item (big knitted bloom brooches) in the makingpretty etsy store i have been forced to turn to a dangerous tool.  one that i have shunned since last may, due to an unfortunate and painful injury.  the.GLUE.GUN.

lets go back to that dangerous time so i can relive (and maybe move foreward from?) my trauma.  believe me, of all of my traumas to work through on this blog, this is the least offensive.  ok, so last year our dear friends nick and allyson got married.  evan and i were both in the wedding.  it was GREAT times.  as a crafty gal and bridesmaid i volunteered to construct the rehearsal bouquet.  if you are unfamiliar with weddings, it is a bouquet used in the rehearsal (self-explanatory much?) made from all of the ribbons that adorned the millions of gifts given to the couple in the course of their showers, parties, etc.  let me tell you, if i was not already the weddingphile i am, i would have changed my ways after seeing all of the presents.  oh, the presents!  get a grip, anne.

so…we procured the styrofoam ball and handle upon which i was to affix via glue-gun the plethora of ribbons.  easy enough, right?  all went swimmingly until (literally) the last ribbon was to be glued into place.  i will refrain from going into gory detail.  i will just sum the situation up by telling you that i had terrible burns on my legs, right arm, and hand.  i still bear the scars.  it was not pretty.  my mom nearly wet her pants laughing when i called in tears.  evan suggested that i not be allowed to craft unless i donned overalls.  i just angrily put the glue gun on the shelf.  where it has sat for nearly a year.  i had a nightmare last night involving the glue gun, i believe in anticipation of plugging the beast back in.  i obviously am in dire need of this catharsis.  fortunately for you i am lacking pictures of both the bouquet and the wounds.

fast forward to this week when i am on a mission to get these brooches finished and listed.  i have attached the knitted flowers to the pin backs and realize they just need a teensy bit of support, as they are slightly wobbly.  best solution?  just a smidge of hot glue (yikes!) to hold the bloom securely to the pin back.  i broke out the dusty beast of a glue gun and took all necessary precautions.  no crisis, no injuries, blooms attached securely and without disaster!  success!

and here we have knitted bloom brooches easy as:




i just have a few more detail shots to take and then these babies will be in the etsy store!!

xo, anne


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  1. pretty. pretty. pretty. i LOVE them.

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