ah, hello monday.

so, rather than lament the ending of the weekend i have decided only to focus on the many exciting things ahead of me this week.  take that, spring forward!  i’ll be breaking out the picnic basket and the pretty vintage champagne glasses i discovered on my trip for a little basking in the sun in forsyth park with becca.  maybe the best way to kick off the week, ever.


also,  lets not forget about the fact that it is a holiday week!  there are all sorts of preliminary st patrick’s festivities happening steps from our cozy apartment…i will have the windows and doors flung wide open.  bring on the bagpipes!  last year was the first st patrick’s i attended in savannah since college.  paigie was in town visiting and we had had such good times leading up to the holiday that we were too exhausted to be any fun on the day of.  i expect this year to be fairly tame as well…but i suppose you never know.  if i were to plunder my closets for green wares, i would come up short.  so, maybe in preparation for next year i might need these beauts?

hello, pretty. come.live.with.me.

these shoes are completely appropriate and much more exciting than the standard (tacky) novelty t-shirt, no?   i am pretty seriously in love with these shoes.  anthro, why do you do this to me?

apart from all of the good times on the horizon, i have lots and lots of pretties just waiting to be finished and listed in the store.  i hope the sun is shining where you are!

xo, anne


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