a little afternoon delight.

the makings of a very good time.

yes, i enjoyed some afternoon delight yesterday.  and, no, you pervert it was not THAT kind of afternoon delight.  it was a magical afternoon filled with sunshine, champagne, laughter, and lots and lots of dogs.

merriment, served.

becca brought a lovely and ice cold bottle of sofia champagne.  it was the perfect libation to quaff while soaking up some sun and people-watching.  we seemed to be dodging balls and flying objects far too regularly.  and lost more than a couple glasses of wine to a variety of balls that went astray.  but we didn’t mind, we had dogs everywhere to make things better.

alert muppet

happy billy.

there was just enough sunshine to warrant bare legs.  love.


we tottered out of the park four hours later.  it was a fantastic way to embrace the beautiful day.  then i came home and made dinner…we had hummus and feta sandwiches and roasted broccoli with garlic.  i may or may not have used a smidge too much garlic.  which we may or may not have paid dearly for later.  we ate on the patio last night for the first time this year (loving.daylight.savings!).  bagpipes were playing as we ate and i noticed that someone had put an irish flag on their hotel balcony.


oh, you can’t see it?  it is rather small.  trust that it is flying loud and proud.  and now, i must fight the urge to while away another afternoon, basking in the loveliness of the park…and get.some.work.done.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “a little afternoon delight.

  1. anne! how could you leave out the magic of using one’s calf as a plate, and one’s finger as a spoon? i mean…(’twas a perfect, perfect day.) xo

  2. i started to attempt to describe that situation…and could not articulate it. may have been because i was not able to see it happening (thank goodness).

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