domestic pursuits

walnut encrusted salmon + edamame mash.

let me begin by asserting that i am by no means a professional chef.  do i enjoy cooking tremendously?  yes.  do i sometimes get a little too excited about trying new recipes?  certainly.  am i going to win any awards for my food styling or photography?  not any time soon.  so, now that that’s out of the way i want to tell you about the badass dinner i cooked the other night, courtesy of one of my favorite food blogs – sprouted kitchen.   i regularly read a handful of magical blogs dedicated to food and whenever i need a healthy dose of inspiration i know i can find something amazing i haven’t thought of.  this week i was really excited to try the walnut encrusted salmon with edamame mash from sprouted kitchen.  i made it on tuesday night and it was good.  i also made a spinach salad with red onion, granny smith apples, and goat cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette, which was also thoroughly yummy.  usually whenever i make a new dish evan and i discuss what i should do differently next time (if it deserves a next time).  but for this one we could only manage appreciative moans and ‘mmmm’s between bites.    so yes, this one does deserve many more turns through our little kitchen.   i highly recommend taking a peek at sprouted kitchen on the regular…the photography is gorgeous, the recipes are inventive and healthy, and it is an all-around good time.

speaking of good times, i was decidedly absent from all of the revelry yesterday.  mostly because i have become quite the old lady in the past few years.  to say that large inebriated crowds give me anxiety would be an understatement.  this is not to say that i am against good times and/or day drinking…quite the contrary.  i just prefer to do it in open spaces with not many people all up in my biznass.  so, in honor of my lack of coolness i stayed in and knit til my fingers ached yesterday.  yup.  i’m not winning any cool awards any time soon.  but i do have a profusion of knitted brooches blooming on my couch.  which i’ll take over a hangover and beer drenched clothes any day.


traditional irish instrument.

kev and kev celebrate their irish heritage.

we love big glasses in our family.

at the request of one of my devoted readers my dad i have included a few images from last st patrick’s day.  i think i have disappointed him with my lack of rowdiness and pictures of bagpipes this year.

xo, anne



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7 responses to “domestic pursuits

  1. bh

    how about a picture from last years st. p day partying……for old times sake??

  2. i’m here representing other 50%! (i’ll play along with your modesty.)
    love this! you almost make me want to try this cooking thing.


  3. I’d like to chime in as part of your readership as well and say that I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 That mash is one of my favorite foods now ~

  4. ok, i just re-read this whole thing to my mom and she cannot stop laughing. so, there, you funny,witty thing, you. rawr.

  5. …and! both of us are now OBSESSED with sprouted kitchen. ah.mazing. magical. perfect.

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