peel before freezing

it’s three o’clock and today has been uber-productive and successful…and i still have time for yoga before cooking dinner! successes abound:

number 1:  getting to wear fantastically huge-sleeved shirt that has been hanging forlornly in my armoire.

your sleeves are large and you make me happy.

i got this baby last summer and just had not made it a priority to wear it yet.  feels like an accomplishment and i am quite happy to bill it as such.

number 2:  making it to new (to me) and elusive thrift store…and hitting the JACKPOT.  i haven’t taken good pictures yet, because i am a slight germaphobe and am washing these new beauts as i type this.  but i will tell you that the haul involves: wide-legged navy pants with both polka dots and insane embroidery at the hem, sequined balenciaga-esque shirt, perfectly worn in men’s plaid shirt, and egg shaped navy dress with brass buttons.  happiness.


number 3: getting to see some new blooms around town.  not so much a success on my part, but a success for all.

is there anything happier than a windowbox filled with daffodils?

shalom, pretties.

number four: getting a lovely piece of mail from my one and only magical sister.  thanks, kev!  and you too usps (even though you are withholding my spring martha stewart weddings from me)!

thanks, bitch.

today was not all sunshine, rainbows, fairy dust and success though.  that i am absolutely sure of.  i had the best of intentions…planned on making banana muffins, even bought the bananas last week to give them time to ripen.  when they were ripe, i popped them in the freezer so they would be pristine for me.  i got my mom’s recipe last night, got confirmation that i should pull aforementioned frozen bananas out to thaw overnight…and that was that.  well, i went to bake my muffins this morning and apparently i didn’t get the memo that you are supposed to PEEL bananas before freezing.  or else you end up with THIS:

you are gross.

i will not subject you to the oozy leaky mess that they dissolve into when you try to peel them.  not appealing.  sooooo, no banana muffins for me and evan this week.  lesson.learned.

i’ve got a hot phone date with my magical cori tonight…wine chilled, success anticipated.

xo, anne



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4 responses to “peel before freezing

  1. um, i sat on my a** and looked at blogs you’re making me feel inferior, anne howard.

  2. bh

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