grab your things, we’re off to the park. again.

stern, much? maybe you need some sun.

you know the days when you have a long to-do list and not an ounce of inclination to complete said list?  today was certainly one of those days for me.  i had the best of intentions, outlining all i had to do on paper (much harder to ignore when it’s splayed across a page in red ink).  but.  the sun beckoned.  and i was only too happy to give in.   how could i not?  the weather is in its prime…before the HEAT of savannah summer.  sunny, not an ounce of humidity, and warm.  i know that i won’t always have the leisure of dropping all that i’m doing to rejoice in the sun.  so.  i slipped into my new (clean) plaid shirt from yesterday’s thrift magic and my moccasins, grabbed my copy of anna karenina and a towel, and marched myself to the thick of the park.  it was teeming with people and dogs.  i plopped myself down and read and absorbed vitamin d.  heaven.

gustto beach bag, minnetonka's, and good ole anna karenina.

i am so glad that i seized this opportunity, because i know otherwise i would have puttered around the apartment wishing i was outside.  besides, it’s friday and i have all night to be productive.

on a different, yet somewhat related note…this morning i had my coffee on our back patio and caught up on my blog-reading (you guessed it!) in the sun.  i can’t get enough.  anyway.  when i went outside to leave for the park i spied a large and unusual creature in my chair from earlier.  no worries, i went national geographic on him for you:

um, hi?

you are in my chair, sir.

no worries, i'm getting better at sharing.

all i have to say, is thank you, god that did not decide to crawl on me or try to sit on my lap earlier.  also, i promise that i did not harm this creature.   unlike the unfortunate roach that came at me this morning.  he, is dead as a doornail.  thank you clorox greenworks.  you pulled through on the clutch.

things i’m looking forward to this weekend? 1) evan dressing up as the state farm “good neighbear”, i promise to document this too in national geographic style. 2) seeing alice in wonderland.  3) starting some new projects.  4) getting more sun.

happy friday, friends!

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    talk about pippi, love the braid!!!

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