beckoned by the salty air

let me fix my hair.

getting going on monday morning is made slightly more difficult after a weekend at the beach.  evan’s parents have a house on tybee island which we tend to flee to whenever possible.  i headed out with evan’s mom after we saw a matinee of alice in wonderland.  glad i finally saw it…although, it took me an inordinate amount of time to adjust to the 3d glasses.  the weather on saturday was spectacular.  evan beat us to the house and was working on his boat when we got there.  so it gave me just enough time to do some reading (more on that later) and have a fabulous cold glass of wine.  we had some time before dinner and took advantage by heading to the beach.

no. this is not where we were staying.

the walk to the beach takes us down dusty, rocky, hidden little roads and led us to one of my favorite parts of the beach.  since evan was unfortunately not allowed to bring the bear costume home (i was completely devastated disappointed, btw) i had to find something else to document in minute detail.  this sheepshead fish was dead and could not make me stop taking pictures only too happy to oblige.

catching some rays?

um, nice teeth.

dating a southern boy with a penchant for outdoor activities has a multitude of perks.  one being that he can identify dead toothy fish on the beach.  impressive, huh?  this is actually the second sheepshead we’ve seen recently and this one was much smaller than the first.  i was disappointed last time because i had forgotten my camera and although they’re kind of gross / creepy they are also kind of amazing to see.

after our beach adventure we headed back to the house and enjoyed an amazing dinner with ev’s parents.  the food was great, the conversation was fantastic, and it was all around fabulous times.  i coerced evan into another beach walk after dinner.

this walkway is actually an excellent exfoliator, btw.

evan had just had one of his epically loud sneezes. which i was quite dazzled by.

into the darkness he fled.

it was a perfect perfect night.  made even more so by the fact that when we got home i on-demanded all of the new episodes of real housewives of new york.  which i thoroughly enjoyed but may have given me slight brain damage, i’m sure.

sunday was gray and rainy, which is no fun but makes the running of errands slightly less painful than if it was blindingly gorgeous out.

my man, and his manly vehicle.

i am now about to embark on the laundry list of things i shirked on friday afternoon…it’s back to work for me, my loves!

xo, anne


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