the songs that shape us

as i mentioned in my last post, i did some interesting reading on saturday (took a break from russian high-society, sorry anna karenina!).  cynthia had mentioned that her (enviable) new garden set-up was inspired by something she had seen in the wsj magazine and showed me the article.  after which, i perused the entirety of the magazine over a glass of wine.  while the layout / typeface is eerily similar to that of the nyt magazine, i actually really enjoyed a couple of the articles – one on the longstanding marriage of evelyn and leonard lauder and the one that really resonated with me, which was a short little piece on tim westergren, founder of pandora.

i absolutely love pandora for a lot of reasons but my favorite is that it allows you to discover new music that you might have been closed off to otherwise.  although my itunes library boasts three thousand or so songs, it can get tiresome when listened to constantly.  for those of you who might be unfamiliar with its magic, on pandora you have the control to give songs a thumbs up (like an online high-five!) or thumbs down or dictate that while you like a song, you are bored with it currently and need some time (thirty days) and space away from it.  much more interactive and user-friendly than traditional radio.   don’t get me wrong, i love a cheesy pop song (hellllllo lady gaga, i loves you) as much as the next person, but the music i really relate to and am moved by is music that rarely, if ever makes it onto radio airwaves.

my favorite quote from the article is this: “Music shapes your personality. When you’re young, music is a huge building block. Part of your identity is finding something you really love and can hold on to. It’s not only that it’s a soundtrack, it’s an exposition of who you are.” -tim westergren.  it got me thinking about when i really started paying attention to what i listened to and began to seek out songs that spoke to me.

disclaimer(!): i am not a music expert and i will be horrified if i come off as a dreaded music snob…but i want to share with you some of the marvelous songs that got me started on the road to who i am as a listener today, as i am quite happy with my musical state:

i don’t even know if it’s possible for me to put into words how much i love arcade fire.  or just how spectacular they are live.  adore.

and you, conor oberst

death cab for cutie remains one of my all time favorite bands…i am flabbergasted when i think of how many times i have listened to transatlanticism (the album? cd? correct term?) since i bought it in college.

this song was on a mix-cd given to me by the nicest guy i dated in college.  thank you, tate, for introducing me to this fabulous song that still thrills me.

it is typical of my nature that i listened to and loved the magnolia soundtrack for years before i actually watched the movie.  last week.  this song kills me.  love me some aimee mann.

while my tastes in music are continually evolving, i love thinking about and re-visiting the songs that have been so powerful to me over the years.  i feel a little bit odd about this post, probably because music can be so intimate and personal…it’s similar to the ‘naked in front of your class’ dream.  but i will just have to get over that.  thank you, tim for the wonderful pandora.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “the songs that shape us

  1. adore your blog – and especially the always lovely photos of one of my most favorite southern cities, savannah! xo, caroline

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