crossed off the list.

seen in the midst of errand-running mania

well, i’m a bit late to the game today.  i had many an errand to run…put off from friday, avoided yesterday as it looked like it might rain, and then finally today the weather was beautiful but not too perfect and i BIT.THE.BULLET.  also, i will be avoiding jail time, as i sent in our census information today.  let me tell you just how crestfallen i was at the simplicity of that thing.  the commercials made it seem like this epic, exciting event, filling out the census form.  i had (like a sicko) kind of been saving it, waiting for the perfect time to fill it out.  and then, last night, with evan’s prodding just ripped it open, wild with anticipation.  i finished a mere few minutes later and was like, ‘that’s it?’.  evan seemed confused…maybe he hasn’t seen the commercials.

i also had another pressing and magical piece of mail that i needed to get going through the us postal service.  a package to my one and only sistergirl, kev.

yes, i love her.

i purposely did not photograph the contents because she has been known to visit this little blog every now and again.  maybe i will make her stage a photoshoot with the contents upon receipt.  i managed to escape my local post office in less time than anticipated…but not without some minor torture.

next stop was the dry cleaners…such thrills!  and then on to polk’s market.  where i spied the technicolor tulips above and here:


i felt so footloose and fancy-free going to buy vegetables in the middle of the day.  doesn’t take much with me, obviously.  i got some bright yellow squash that will be part of dinner tonight…was going to be martha’s version of light eggplant parmesan, but there was only one perfect eggplant at the store.  so now it will be an amalgamation of the eggplant dish crossed with my take on caponata.

the next thing i tackled was starting to knit a new doormat for our front door.  i somehow have left our christmas doormat (gingerbread men on a cookie sheet) at the door for the last three months.  i probably should feel some embarrassment at revealing that…but not so much.  so, in the interest of sprucing the threshold up in a manner more appropriate to spring, i am knitting a fun neon doormat.  our entryway will be so.on.trend. for spring 2010.

the beginning...

the picture doesn’t do the colors justice.  but i will provide ample shots upon completion.

today i rocked one of the knitted flower brooches…the navy and black combo.  which i will get listed on etsy tomorrow.


i’ve had to become really crafty when trying to capture images of myself since starting this blog.  mainly because the bulk of my attempts happen when everyone is at work.  so sometimes i nail it, sometimes i end up with really bizarre-up-the-nostril shots, and sometimes i get some that won’t work for the etsy store but that are kind of interesting nonetheless.  today’s?

xo, anne


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