ginger and geometry.

maybe you’ve hit a wednesday afternoon slump, like me?  i could really use a little music to keep me going.  maybe a bit of la roux?  for some reason this video is on quite a bit (early in the morning, the only time music videos ever get played anymore)…when i’m first waking up and about to embark on my coffee.  so it elicits this sort of pavlovian response in me to get up and go.  which i could use this afternoon.

love the geometry…but i feel as though the makeup artist that worked on poor miss elly only managed to make her look as if she smelled something bad for the majority of the shoot.  regardless of the facial expression, i like elly. posted a video this afternoon of an interview they did with her…maybe the good folks at were also in a hump day slump this afternoon.  i’m in good company.  but i digress…their video is interesting if only for the reason that elly refers to herself as a ‘ginger’.  i L.O.V.E when people refer to redheads as gingers.  (fun fact: one of my favorite moments from flight of the concords is when murray laments that someone called him “gingerballs”.  i die.)  i am all over the place…too much excitement from techno beats, gingers, and the mentioning of topshop.  for some asinine reason i cannot get the link to work in the post, but if you would like to check it out, here it is.

xo, anne


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