mamma mia.

via sartorialist.

sooooo, if i were to have one fashion fairy godmother…i would absolutely have to pick anna dello russo.  because, she is for lack of a better word, magical.  she dresses in the most opulent manner possible.  i think anyone who has any interest in fashion would list her as an icon.  so i know i am not alone here or breaking any news on her fabulousness.  but in recent months i feel that the love for her has reached fever pitch.  which i am not only totally fine with, but completely loving.  and because i know that sharing is caring, i want to share with you some of my favorite ADR moments.

1) wherein she explains how to pack (in her enviable and jawdropping-ly sexy italian accent) and utters the phrase “mamma mia”.  dying.

2) garance’s visit with anna at the ritz…two of my most favorites.  together.  epic.

via garance dore. ♡

3) the fact that she has two apartments: one for her, one for her clothes.  i know that there is no need for me to expound on this.  my palms get sweaty just thinking about it.

4)jak & jil’s “my favorite things” feature with anna.  again, words are useless when getting a glimpse into her habitat.  and at her glittery amazing shoes.

via jak&jil

and yes, i have saved the best for last.  thanks to a little twitter post from tavi (she of the style rookie), i have become aware of the existence of anna dello russo’s blog.


ok, enough basking in the glow of her sparkly, fabulousness.

xo, anne


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  1. great. just what i needed. another blog to obsess over. i’m mad at you and want to thank you all at the same time, you fabulous thing, you.

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