yay, indeed!

that would be me.

i had been toying with the idea of ordering some business cards for makingpretty…to pimp out the blog as well as the etsy store.  in the hopes that this little venture may one day become a money-making enterprise.  rather than just a damn good time for yours truly.  and in true cosmic karma style, the ever fantastic, etsy teamed up with another wonderful force, moo.com to offer free business cards to etsy sellers.  free?  yes, please!  i was planning on designing and printing my cards through moo anyway, so it was high-fives all around as far as i’m concerned.  they came in today and i.love.them.

now, that is a happy package.

it really was love at first sight…how can you not fall head over heels for a ‘yay!’ sticker?  impossible.  i ended up choosing ten images from the blog / store to feature on the back of the cards.

pick a card, any card.


the quality is fantastic, the service was excellent, and the price was unbeatable!  the offer expires on april 30th, so you stil have time to order some business card magic.

now, i just need to find some folks to give these beauties to!

xo, anne


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