spring cleaning.

despite my bone-deep aversion to all forms of cleaning, i have really embraced some intense housework today.  it may have to do with the fact that it is gray and chilly out.  which means i am stuck inside.  paired with the fact that my desk looks like a bomb (albeit a pretty, glittery bomb at that) went off on its surface and has been making working a wee bit difficult…and you have the perfect storm.  cleaning storm, that is.  evan is quite tickled with this development, as he is what i would consider a clean freak (i mean that in the nicest way possible…but do place some emphasis on the freak part).  so, i am not only ridding my workspace of clutter, but have swept, vacuumed (what an oddly spelled word), and thoroughly cleaned the windowsills and baseboards of this little room.  i have unearthed some real treasures, to boot!  i finally filed this fabulous image of kate bosworth from an issue of elle from years ago…

blond ambition

l.o.v.e this image.  so much so that it has been shuffled from various jobs, desks, and abodes since i first tore it out with gusto however many years ago.  she’s gotten a little worn around the edges but is now safely ensconced in my catch-all book (thank you, rubber cement…you are grrrrreat).  love kate’s camel cardi, ruby lips / nails, and lack of pants.  but most.of.all. i love her rumpled blond locks.  almost makes me want to delve back into the land of blonde.  almost.

i also organized our entryway…with the new doormat.


while i was at it i cleaned out my beach bag, and re-assembled my myriad of sun-worship products.  the arsenal is ready for whenever the weather decides to cooperate.  my hopes of an inaugural boat trip this weekend were thoroughly dashed.  i’m managing to cope.

dusted off, ready to roll.


you may notice that the spf numbers on all of my products are pretty low…which means that i may need to stock up on some thirty.  or forty-five.  because this winter rendered me a shade likely to be deemed ‘paler than pale’.

i also assembled a little shrine to the upcoming holidays…easter and passover!  yay!  hide the matzoh and easter eggs all in one week!  if  that isn’t good times, i don’t know what is.  i am patiently (as much as i am capable of) awaiting the arrival of our easter baskets, courtesy of the easter bunny my mom, who i should let it be known, is the best basket assembler.  ever.

tis the season.

we’re going to our friend’s for dinner tonight and i am bringing molly‘s ‘winning hearts and minds‘ cake.  i love the weekend.

xo, anne


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