consider me rapt.

yes, please.

a lot of the time, i read my daily roster of favorite blogs, as one would a newspaper.  different categories filling in for the sections one would shuffle from the pile of an inky news source.  for the most part, i want to know what is inspiring the people that inspire me, see what fantastic things they are cooking, buying, making, or lusting over.  in certain cases, i want to test the limits of my ability to not wet my pants with overzealous and overpowering laughter (sassy curmudgeon, i’m looking at you).  and sometimes, i stumble across something that thrills me, causes me to lose sleep.

this week, in my countless hours of blog consumption, i came across a real gem (pun intended) of a jewelry line (via the fantastic, a cup of jo): st kilda, designed by the amazing nora kogan.  she has the most incredible story of how she came to be a jewelry designer and i am her blog.

is there anything better than a pink sapphire eternity band? nope.

her jewelry is gorgeous: delicate, yet edgy.  my favorites are in her wedding collection (but, of course).  they are stackable and so pretty without being overly precious.  and with that, consider me hooked.  my favorite ring has disappeared (nora, where did she go??  is she coming back???) from the website, but as i believe i may now be stalking this piece, i have procured an image for you to ogle.

via, a cup of jo

opposite the inscribed “loved” which kills me, i should have you know, are two darling, sparkling diamonds.  love.her.  lost sleep over her, actually.

xo, anne


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