she may look unassuming, but she'll knock your socks off.

i had made mention on saturday that i was bringing molly‘s “winning hearts and minds cake” to the dinner party we went to.  and it was a raging success, in case you were wondering.  much has been made of this cake, googling “winning hearts and minds cake” will net you roughly 150,000 results.  i’m going to warrant a guess that one hundred percent of those results are people happily regaling you with this cake is.  so, in the hopes of avoiding redundancy, i won’t go into too much detail, except to say that it is a snap, and yields an incredibly delicious and chocolatey cake.  a keeper, for certain.

precious. cargo.

soft, afternoon light.

it was the perfect end to a fantastic meal.  there was a small piece left and i must admit that it didn’t stick around for very long.  between evan and myself the cake was gone by morning.  and that, my friends is the sign of a great dessert.

in case you haven’t read it, molly’s blog is fantastic…as is her book, which just came out in paperback.  enjoy!

xo, anne



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2 responses to “glorious.

  1. Patti

    I eyed the very same suit myself in the ny times style section a few weeks back… luv this, it will probably look much better in my imagination…

    re chocolatiest of the chocolate – nothing beats lise’s parcel torte.

    rock on!

    • patti,
      that is the beauty of shopping in your imagination: everything looks flawless, no florescent lighting, no glaring mirrors, and unlimited budget!
      what is this magical parcel torte? sounds dangerous…
      xo, anne

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