take me to the river, don’t drop me in the water.

that is the ticket.

because the weather is so beautiful and i am willing it to continue to be perfect for many many days so that i can go boating this weekend with my favorite captain (that would be you, evan)…i am unable to take my mind off of swimwear.  not because i feel particularly inclined to don any, but because i know i will soon have to.   be that as it may, i am also aware of the fact that i need to turn on my unmatched creative and imaginative  powers for this one…as i am not in possession of the budget or frankly, closet space to house any more swimwear (i tend to squirrel new suits away whenever the weather so much as hints at tanning capability).  but imagining you are going to buy pretty, new things is almost as fun as actually procuring them! (one of the many many lies i tell myself)…

in my mind i’m wearing this hot little retro number from diane von furstenberg (via net-a-porter):


bonnie bikini top, by dvf


bonnie skirt bikini briefs, by dvf

yes, indeed, i am having quite the time in my imagination prancing around in this little leopard set.  maybe even trying on a heavy new york accent, wearing a turban, strutting the boardwalks of the beachclub in serious heels, whilst clutching an icy cocktail.  this bathing suit sure is good times.

xo, anne


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  1. bh

    the pic of the h20 (not a flood not in basement ) is beautiful, the palm trees, what a beautiful part of the world you live in ! thanks for sharing.

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