by the light of the moon

shalom, cathedral.

the weather has hit the perfect pitch here in lovely savannah…warm and sunny during the day and warm but not balmy in the evenings.  the ideal weather for an after dinner stroll through the historic district.  which is a delightful ritual that evan and i have…the first of the season happened to go down tonight (after an am.azing dinner, to be elaborated upon later).  it was lovely taking pictures of some of the things i wanted to photograph today while out running errands sans camera.


branches overhead




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3 responses to “by the light of the moon

  1. bh

    woooooHOOOOOOOOOOOO. one of the places i MUST go is to the pinky MASTERS!!!!

  2. i want to live here!! wait…what?
    anyway, love! can you please ALWAYS post twice a day? magical.

  3. oh how i miss… pinkies! most of all. is that sad?

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