must i spell it out?

today i want to spotlight one of my all-time favorite accessories.  my jangly, wooden block letter bracelet.  evan gave her to me for valentine’s day two years ago.  and i still love her just as much as i did then.  the individual wooden beads have definitely seen better days…but this is the result of being very well-loved and oft worn.   i have a tendency to batter even the most precious of my beauties, in daily wear.  but they are meant to be worn…and wear them i will!

one jangly wrist.

i had to remove the alphabet bracelet in order to have the physical capability of typing.  that has to tell you something.  what initially (pun not intended, but i like it.) drew me to this piece was the mass of dangling letters…which manage to simultaneously call to mind (for me at least) bingo and crossword puzzles.  both magical pursuits in their own right, right?  right.

pretty on pretty.

i picked her out from anthropologie.  yes, i pick out my own gifts.  the pressure is too great for evan and frankly, i’m always yearning for something very particular that evan would have no clue about so it works out.  they no longer have her, which is probably good, because i would most likely want to buy another one to have as a back-up…i’m sick.

she, too likes to bask in the afternoon sun.

and with that i am off into the sun-dappled streets of savannah…

xo, anne


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