bright sunshiny morning.

the contents.

today i had the distinct pleasure of hand delivering my second etsy sale.  truth be told, it’s really nice selling things to people i know and like.  not only am i learning how the whole process works but i get to schmooze, which i love.  my friend, the brazilian, aline bought to the oatmeal/ clay knitted flower brooch.  i like to include a dust bag for the knitted pieces, after my own experience packing my knitted necklaces.  i think it is just a nice feature to be able to keep it safe and free from dirt or damage.

under construction. (with contents posed coyly).

get in your home.

besides, who can resist pretty packaging?  certainly, not me.  i can’t tell you how many times i’ve bought something merely for a cute label, i’m a marketer’s dream come true.

finished parcel, ready for delivery.

i got on my long neglected bike to meet aline for coffee and give her the goods.  it was a gorgeous morning and a great way to start my day, catching up.

xo, anne



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3 responses to “bright sunshiny morning.

  1. perfect packaging! looove. as soon as i get back on my feet after the move and transition to the new job i am purchasing some makingpretties for moi.

  2. i love the photo comment: “get in your home.” 🙂
    you’re great

    p.s. and magic

  3. Just about to do my making pretty “window shopping”. I want moooore, I neeeeed mooooore… that’s what she said. wink.

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