end of the week ramblings.

i promise i will ease up with all the images of azaleas...i just cannot escape them and their multitude of pink-toned blooms.

in our cozy little historic apartment we have exactly one window that is not painted shut, a million times over.  our front door opens onto street level of a relatively quiet street…however, one that is smack dab in the middle of quite a few tourist hot spots.  so, we tend to keep it closed, lest we have visitors poking their inquiring heads into our living room.  this is by no means a complaint, just stating the facts, here.  we also have a door in the rear of the apartment, coincidentally in the space where i have my cozy (and overstuffed) little home “office”.  today i have flung open both the window and the back door, wanting every bit of fresh air possible.

and let me tell you, i am having the most lovely time here: browsing the internets, listening to the cars go by outside, inhaling the sweet warm air from outside.  it is such a simple thing, but i am overwhelmed by how fantastic it is.  i have a trio of fat, jewel-colored beets roasting in the oven with a handful of garlic cloves and i’m looking forward to a weekend filled with more incredible weather and ample quality time with evan.  so, thankfully all that i have been worrying over, stressing about, and driving myself crazy with in the past few weeks (months?) feels just far enough away.  i am now just hoping that the boat will be up and running with no problems (who knew boats could be so finicky?)

boating with evan. two years ago. old sunglasses, old boat. (stock photo...new images will hopefully be procured this weekend.)

i spent an hour in the park yesterday afternoon, perusing one of my new library books, barefoot in paris…i.love.ina. i found myself plotting an excuse to have a french-inspired dinner party in our back courtyard.  i also looked over the new issue of lucky.  i subscribed when i first moved here and they just keep sending me issues, it’s like the never-ending subscription.

my amusements.

my shoulders got a little sun-burned, naturally.  i am notorious for this.

i am off for a jog…and then back for more work.  i finally finished two new items for the etsy store and i am beside myself with excitement to get them listed.

xo, anne



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3 responses to “end of the week ramblings.

  1. you and chris are totally going to be library friends (and by “friends,” i mean nerds). he’s there alllll the time.
    oh! and my sister and i have this hilarious thing where we call ina “in-a-garden.” so funny right? right??!! aren’t you like, dying laughing??!!!
    god… we thought that was so funny…hmmm….
    maybe not, then…
    ok, curling into ball of shame.

  2. oh hey! im tot’s into the narrative of your apartment, why are you so much better at writing than me, and basically everything else (minus being A.N.T.M.)? watch out for your perusing usage because you used it twice and i noticed it…and i dont notice much. anywhoots i love you
    -william spencer howard IV

    • oooooh, snap woodie. i did use perusing twice. maybe i can hire you as a part-time editor? i’ll pay you in magical points (because i can’t afford dollars) or just love you extra (which may be impossible). i will be changing that a.s.a.p. GOOD.EYE.
      xo, anne

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