a little newness

finished product.

i finally got around to finishing the braided bib necklace that i started forever ago.  i was totally stumped as to how i wanted the necklace to close.   but. then.  i happened upon these hulking bins filled to the brim with magical fabrics and trims and pretties that i have been collecting since college (five years or more?…).  and which have been long neglected for the sake of other enterprises.  however, now that i have oodles of free time and energy to devote to such endeavors, i have been dreaming up uses for all of the delights within these vessels.  and i found the perfect solution for the braided bib necklace.  floral lace trim!

the solution!




there is something so unbelievably fulfilling in using something you already possess to solve a problem.  and as if today wasn’t already going swimmingly, my easter basket finally arrived!  and it’s hard to stay mad when it contains things of this nature:

this makes my heart so happy it hurts.

reason 5,964,899 why i love my family.

you are adorable.

so i had mentioned that my mom may be the best easter basket (or any kind of basket, actually) assembler EVER.   and she did not disappoint this year (disposable tinkerbell camera?  check!).  evan and i got quite a bit of amazingness…and evan being the gem that he is, let me open the basket while he was at work.  and that is why i love him.

the braided bib necklace is in the etsy store…visit her!

xo, anne



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4 responses to “a little newness

  1. ummm…do you remember me watching you open yours last year?? and trying (*trying being the operative word here) not to turn into the little green-eyed monster that i’m wont to be in these situas???!!! yeah, that was a hard moment. and this.isn’t.helping. xoxoxo love.this.

    • ummmmm, i actually do not remember that…maybe because i black out with excitement when receiving a package from my family. but! i.love. that we shared that moment (blacked out on my part or not). if you need a sugar fix, you know where i live. xo.

  2. i need that braided bib necklace! maybe a bit TOO present for a guy though… :/
    i love your newest creation

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