gone in the blink of an eye


this weekend was blissfully quiet.  it involved a whole lot of relaxing, some reading (i finally conquered anna karenina!), ample amounts of sunshine, and great food and drink…yet somehow i went to bed last night not ready for it to be over.  and woke up this morning, scratching my head, wondering how it had already slipped away.  lets re-visit this wonderful and gone too quickly weekend, shall we?

friday night i had dinner with my girl, caitlin, and got to break out my all time favorite summer dress.  this dress wears like a nightgown, but looks far more pulled together.   it’s maybe the easiest thing i own.  love.

can you see the excitement?

hello, armpit shot.

the weather on friday was just incredible…it was thrilling to be able to throw this dress on.  caitlin picked me up and we headed to her apartment to catch up over some drinks.


i also went paparazzi style on miss caitlin and took picture after picture of her perfect outfit.  which made her entirely uncomfortable, by the way…mental note, next time ply her with more wine before stalking her with camera.

love your trench, love your whole look, here.

love the back view, too.

then on saturday morning we hit a minor roadblock (by which i might be admitting that i had a bit of a breakdown slash full-on tantrum when the usps failed to deliver my easter basket after over a week in their care) but, thanks to the cajoling and empathy of my dear evan, managed to pull.it.together.

we headed out to the beach and the weather was less perfect than expected and the boat still refused to work properly.  maybe the boat has made friends with the postal service?  regardless, we put on our bathing suits, hopped on our beach cruisers, and went for a long ride around the island.

our chariots, secured for safekeeping.

it was an interesting adventure, followed by a delicious dinner, some classic movie action (faye dunaway in bonnie and clyde, to.DIE.for.gorgeous), and then an attempt at a nighttime beach stroll…thwarted by intense winds.


yesterday the weather was impeccable, perfect, sunny and breezy.  after we digested our large and delicious brunch, we headed to the beach…this time to get serious about soaking up some rays.

this is where i would like to be until september. maybe october.

lets see how many wrinkles i can create!

the real star of the entire weekend, though was cynthia’s lily plant.  this plant had an explosion of huge cream colored lilies that bloomed just in time to perfume the house/deck in the most intoxicating and tropical scent.  it was just insane how big the blooms were and how amazing they smelled.


if only i could implement smell-o-vision on this blog...i would do it for you.

i want more.  more sun, more sand, more lily scent wafting through the air…but i have a lot to do this week, that i am really excited about.  how about some makingpretty frocks?  yes, i think so.

xo, anne


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One response to “gone in the blink of an eye

  1. bh

    worth the wait! great pics, great friends, but where is kev’s hot nuts?

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