wherein i overdose on azaleas.

the mercer williams house as photographed by evan...who beseeched me to blog this picture, because of his great photographic skills. (aka not capturing the surrounding cars in said image)

we took another apres dinner stroll this evening, and the heat had thankfully died down with the setting of the sun.  i had been out pedaling around savannah on my beach cruiser this afternoon and was floored by the fact that we had gone from what was perfect spring warmth (only flirting with and hinting at the onslaught of summer) to what felt like plain old heat.  i know that i will look back at this weather and laugh knowingly once august rolls around and this city feels like a sauna.  but, i digress…we took a lovely stroll tonight and there are azaleas abloom all.over.the.place.  and although they have never been my favorite flower, i have developed quite a fondness for them during my residency in this enchanting little city.  and we took pictures.  so you can experience them too.

what started out as an attempt to document the knit brooches...

quickly became an exploration of azaleas. we saw white ones,

and coral ones (my favorites),

and fuschia ones. i look really pissed here. i'm not. evan is convinced that this is a great shot, because models often look angry. i'll take it.

aaaaaand more fuschia...

and a smile!

so, i can now proclaim with the best of intentions, to be officially done with documenting the azaleas.  you can rest assured that i have fulfilled the desire to share them with you.  and to prove that we did indeed see and enjoy other sights besides the azaleas, i give you the gorgeous mickve israel (only gothic style synagogue in the u.s. and host of the shalom y’all food festival.  magical all around):


and that concludes our evening in images.

xo, anne



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4 responses to “wherein i overdose on azaleas.

  1. i adore your evening in images. very fun indeed.

  2. Caroline

    your photos are tempting me to visit savannah soon! well and the great beer thats brewed locally 🙂 xo, caroline

  3. bh

    wonderful pictures! GREAT SUBJECT matter!

  4. kristin: i adore you! and am dying to see more of your magical new city!

    caroline: you need to experience the azaleas, they are incredible!! and if you need a partner in crime, i will happily join you in imbibing!

    dad: thanks! xo.

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