company benefits

new, black and white knitted braid.

this morning was maybe one of my best in recent memory.  i woke up slowly, had my coffee with the brain-numbing today show as background noise…then took my work (knitted braids) outside.  the pleasure i derived from sitting in the sun, listening to an unimaginably good roster of songs on my ipod, and knitting at my own pace was beyond words.  it.was.heavenly.

best office ceiling. ever.

and vampire weekend played.

knitting. self-imposed deadline.

i promise that this is not me being smug about getting to sit outside and work…but i am trying to remain positive about the sacrifices (and benefits, this is one!) of being self-employed.  and i promise, i enjoyed it for you too!  until the family of wasps showed up and staked their claim to my patio.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “company benefits

  1. JEA-LOUS! really really jealous…
    … … i want that

  2. bh

    lovely, lovely.
    call me.

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