lets see what we've got in this massive purse...

the purse that i carry daily is a large leather bag in the most perfect beat-up worn in shade of teal…it can fit more than is necessary or healthy.  hence my back problems whenever i travel; laptop, hulking books, liquid ziploc bag, etc, etc, etc.  it gets slightly out of hand.  this purse’s size is both a detriment to my health and a happy magical thing.  depending on the day, mainly.

me + my bag friend

for example, the other day, whilst gathering the innumerable gum wrappers and receipts that accumulate on the floor of my purse, i stumbled upon a treasure that has lain dormant (lost? neglected?) for a couple of years.


crazylibellule and the poppies, lilas spiritual

the discovery of this little nugget of joy couldn’t have been timed more perfectly.  i am on a strict budget these days so shopping my closet is not so much a fun whimsical event as women’s magazines would lead me to believe, but more of a necessity so that i don’t die of boredom.  but, lets focus on the solid perfume magic, ok?…i have no idea how on earth this perfume made its way into the caverns and crevices of my large purse, but i found it.  and  all over again.  the scent is perfection for the change in climate and seasons and i have been liberally swiping it on myself obsessively.  do yourself a favor and get one.  i highly recommend.  anthro no longer carries it (online at least), but sephora and amazon both do.  it’s french, it lasts forever, and it smells like magic.  loves it so hard.

yup, i smell goooooood.


xo, anne


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  1. bh

    beautiful pictures! really how could something be lost in a pocketbook? for real?

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