notes from the field.

hellllllo there.  i am doing a bit of freelancing this weekend and next weekend.  which is pretty magical.  but which takes me away from the lovely comforts of my cozy office, magical little computer, and most sadly – my backyard knitting.  so i may be a leetle bit absent (you may not notice, but i do…) so, i give you a little post about good times.  which, i am hoping to unwind with after another twelve (or more?) hour day tomorrow…

anne plus

the ever magical

becca, of hearts all over. equals ♡

i want to divulge all sorts of incredible details about the awe-inspiring and fabulous things i’m working on.  but, alas i cannot.  so i will keep you in suspense…

also, go see my lovely and oh, so fun friend becca…she is good times.

xo, anne



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3 responses to “notes from the field.

  1. THIS night? well, it.was.magical. beyond…
    thank you for the lovely memory darling friend.

    p.s. do the unmentionable events you’re working on involve piles of margiela (did you see them?*i.died.), miumiu and louboutins (etc etc) shoes and a certain ms. malandrino???

    p.p.s. if you could swipe me the balenciaga primary color flats i miiiight** just send you the picture from this night of me looking like i’m four years old and about to jump (leap?) on the short bus.
    please see pic on twitter if you are having trouble pinpointing them.


    **(i said “might.”).

  2. bh

    notes from the field? notes from the pub is more like it!!!! fun fun fun!!!!!

  3. bh

    your fans await!!!!!!!

    updates updates UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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