of all the shoes we had pulled, these were my fave. christian louboutin st jeanette in silver.

so i am back from my weekend of top secretness…and while i still am not at liberty to discuss what i was working on, i have to tell you that it was one of the more inspiring, albeit exhausting things i have participated in in awhile.  i managed to remember to take a few pictures yesterday so that i would have something to show for the forty-two hours i was out of commission in my regular life.

i woke up with the sun...

and headed to day two of our shoot.

and i continued to ogle and yearn for these shoes to be mine. in case you were wondering, my birthday is in july and a size 38 would be perfect.

the backdrop in daylight (yes, those are jail cells)...

and after dark.

i was completely honored to get to work so closely with a really fabulous stylist…and am feeling really moved and motivated.  which, is fantastic.  i am hoping to make lots of headway (and file my taxes, oy vey.) in the following few days before next weekend when i head back to the second weekend of shooting…

xo, anne



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2 responses to “whirlwind.

  1. bh

    shootings, jails, secrects. cia? kgb? figure out the code yet?

  2. bh

    word has travelled far that out.of.staters were asking for you in sav this weekend and happened upon one of your bestest bestfriends in the whole world!
    truly a small world.

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