no, fortunately for allll of us, this is not a post about being sad.  because it involves the magical times that are had with miss becca.  we fiiiiinally managed to get together after a crazy workweek on her end and a crazy workweekend on my end.  so, we managed to start this week off RIGHT.  i mean, can there possibly be a better way to commence a new week than this?

take me...anywhere.

not sure if you can tell,


we really enjoy

each other's company.

apparently the sartorial theme for last night (and i swear this was not coordinated beforehand) was shades of blue.  i chose my most glittery piece of clothing, my thrifted blue sequin blouse…it has hulking shoulder pads and is completely amazing.

sparkly and glittery...

are two of my most favorite things. in case you missed that.

and becca wore an amazing little boy’s shirt…you can read all about her obsession with (and perfection at nailing) the whole boy-girl tension thing here and here.

hello becca,

have i mentioned you are magical? oh, yes, i have...a lot.

i was hoping that the good times would motivate me to do my taxes…but, i guess i am really just going to wait until the day before they are due.  because i am a master procrastinator.  yes.

xo, anne


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  1. jinx…yet again…over peeing AND blogging??!!! you owe me a bunch of freakin’ cokes, my friend!

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