when the shark bites, with his teeth.

i needed a little humor today.  maybe because i bit off (again with the puns!) more than i could chew today…mixed with a bizarre night’s sleep (very unsettling dreams)…and a little coffee overdose this morning, courtesy of starbucks’ free coffee shindig.  i think it’s safe to say that i actually consumed the largest amount of iced coffee, ever.  evidence:

damn, gina. that's a lot of coffee.

the sum of all of the above is that i am a bit on.edge.  so, i decided that i would imbibe the rest of today’s fluids in a manner more conducive to giggles.  i give you, the  most awesome beverage holder in the universe:

this makes me abnormally happy.


jealous, yet?

i found this magical shark friend in the most random bait shop while boating with evan one day…he was buying bait.  and i somehow managed to find something in this little shack that i neeeeeeeded.   i bought two, one for me and one for my dad.   because, really who DOESN’T want a shark head coozie?

he has spent most of his tenure with me on our bookshelf (most natural of places, right?) but i am thoroughly enjoying him and the levity he has brought to me this afternoon.  while i attempt to tackle a massive to-do list.  wish me luck, friends.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “when the shark bites, with his teeth.

  1. bh

    who spent time on bookshelf your dad or shark face?

    • dad, i’m pretty sure you know the answer to that one. evan and i would lead far more amusing lives if you were perched on our bookshelf, piping in your two cents all day long.

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